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About readjust chiropractic centre

Our Mission

Hands held up towards the sunHelping clients move well and live well through gentle, low-force chiropractic care is our goal at readjust chiropractic centre. We strive to help clients understand that many of the symptoms they associate with poor health or ageing are actually the result of a crooked body. When the body is twisted and “caught” in this way, the nerves become irritated. And since these same nerves go to many other areas of your body, symptoms can occur in many seemingly-unrelated areas.

Chiropractor Dr Leisha Bickley will address the underlying imbalance that is causing your crooked body, contributing to your pain, immobility and ill health. We want to help you live your best life, whatever your biological age may be.


Our History

Dr Leisha was born and raised in Bendigo and, after graduating from RMIT Melbourne, there was never any question about where she would practice—she always knew she wanted to come back home to care for the community she loves. She worked as an associate for eleven years before opening readjust in 2007.

Although Dr Leisha was the first chiropractor in her family, her son, two nieces and one nephew are all following in her footsteps at RMIT.

Our Approach

Our attention to detail is one thing that sets us apart, and our entire team is dedicated to providing you with a truly caring experience. We take a personal interest in your life, and we’re invested in your results and long-term health.

We offer gentle, low-force adjusting techniques exclusively, and we monitor the improvement in your nervous system over time, so you can objectively see how far you’ve levelled up. Of course, the best proof of your progress is when you can get back to doing the things you love to do—and we love celebrating those milestones with our clients!

Book In Today

Contact us today to schedule, or use our online booking feature. We look forward to meeting you.

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