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New Clients at readjust chiropractic centre

After you’ve booked your appointment online, our staff will contact you to answer any questions and make sure you know how to complete our online new client health history form. Since this questionnaire is more detailed than most health histories, we ask you to take your time completing it at home.

Dr. Leisha looking at x-rays with a client

Your First Visit

  1. Dr Leisha and her team will ensure you are comfortable and that you feel at ease. Our first goal is to learn your health story and history.
  2. What we need to understand is where the body is not moving well, and where your body may be stuck or restricted. Our testing and examination objective is to determine how this may be impacting muscle strength, nerve function, balance, posture and body performance.
  3. Are X‐rays required? If so, we will refer you have them done and in most cases, they will be bulk billed.

Allow 45 minutes for your first visit.

Your Second Visit

Dr. Leisha will explain in easy to understand, simple terms, the results of the testing from your first visit. This will include a thorough explanation of any X‐rays that may have been requested. Your readjust care plan is tailored for you.

Often, clients comment that they feel their care is explained in easy to understand terms and Dr. Leisha provides a clear, pragmatic and down to earth approach.

You will typically receive your first adjustment at this visit.

Schedule Today

Contact us today to get started with care. We have HICAPS available for on-the-spot claiming, and ample on-site parking.

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