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Meet Dr Leisha Bickley (Chiropractor)

As a five year old child, Dr. Leisha told her mother that she wanted to teach people how to be healthy and live well. She was always interested in what makes people healthy, as opposed to the common conversations about what makes people sick. In year 11, her high school careers counsellor suggested Chiropractic might be a good fit for her health care philosophy.

Dr Leisha attended RMIT Melbourne and, after graduating in 1995, she returned home to practice in Bendigo. She worked as an associate for eleven years before opening readjust chiropractic centre in 2007. Providing care for the community she was born and raised in is extremely rewarding for Dr Leisha and she is proud to call Bendigo home.


Dr Leisha Bickley | (03) 5444 5497